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Benedicte Zorde Rahbek

Humans are historic creatures - we relate to history outside of our own lifespan. The old abandoned lido resting on the edge between land and sea tells the story of the joyous heydays of Margate as a traditional holiday destination for centuries and the decline which so quickly struck and demolished the city's livelihood. It holds great emotional value for the people of Margate.


The project reuses the site of a disused acid factory, situated amongst the limestone foothills to the south of Marseille. It proposes a new settlement of houses and civic buildings, built in anticipation of a new wave of people forced to leave their homes due the effects of desertification in North Africa. The proposals expand on the pre-existing logic of the site, which is already organised around the prevailing winds, the sea, and the contours of the land.


The rotunda space is a listed space within the Lido, but currently has no value as it has been hidden beneath the ground. The section shows different types of cuts to allow for different types of light and how weather is permitted to enter the space to highlight the narrative of water as a core element within the facilities.


Physical models were used as an essential tool throughout the process, quickly testing different options of light and spatial qualities, like a three dimensional sketch.


The 1:20 model was used to sense the space, especially the elements added to it in relation to the existing materiality.

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