©2019 by UNIT 17, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL


Yeoryia Manolopoulou, Niall McLaughlin

Unit 17 designs contextual buildings that interplay with the social, political and material cultures of specific places. Each project is research-based, aiming to construct an architectural thesis that is explicitly manifested in the design proposition.


We are interested in the student`s imagination and original voice, and seek diversity in the work produced by the unit as a whole; projects complement and sometimes intentionally contradict each other to form a multilayered dialogue about the nature of architectural thought and practice today. Design iteration through drawing and making is a constant activity that we encourage. Stimulating debates through open crits and tutorials, and a critical osmosis of ideas and techniques in the studio, are vital aspects of the unit`s culture. Fieldtrips play an important role in the development of the work and we invest substantial energy in designing itineraries which include experiencing extraordinary places and culture.  

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