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Tia-Angelie Vijh


A Quantum Computer Laboratory with ruinous courtyards set within Bletchley Park – home to the original WW2 codebreakers. With the aim to restore technology to the Milton Keynes Grid through retrofitting/restoring the abandoned Block D - birthplace of modern computing, where Alan Turing and his Bombe machine were housed.   


Aluminium pods for the Quantum Laboratories are positioned along the northern side of the scheme, blurring atmosphere and noise; the mur mur of computers. Tessellating preserved walls and fragments create courtyards on the southern side present many possibilities for public exploration, whilst exhibiting laboratories. 


Using fictional/non-fictional text in relation to Block D and Turing’s relationship with the computer to dictate design moves - I began a narrative with Turing. At Grymsdyke Farm, imprinting and unravelling the nexus of rope was the conception of our harmonious instructions - evolving into a pivotal design tool.  


Final images were represented using thread and rope portraying endless combinations the Quantum Computer can unravel. The work at Bletchley is reminiscent of untangling the wires of truth only to weave them back into another form. 

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