Vasilia Marcou Ilchuk


During first term, I have been exploring the theme: Gravity with drawings and models, in search for Oan image of Gravity. The outcome of the exploration has given me the idea that Gravity is best expressed with OcolumnsO model characterised with unfixed joints, in where the spine-like columns are given flexibility and they are self-stabilising. They are successful in expressing gravity because they display a natural form of themselves that is written by gravity. 


Carrying this theme, I was looing for subtle movement in structures. Timber structures inside the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland is carrying a similar idea, where these propping timber structures are relatively flexible and responsive to the land subsidence due to salt mining, i.e. Structure are performing under compression of weight of various strata. 


Wieliczka, south of Poland, is proud of their culture and history of salt mining. Richness of ethnicity, in particular Jews, was brought by the important of miners for mining industry back in 16th-17th century. However, after the crest in late 17th century, the Jewish community declines together with their wooden synagogue, due to the cessation of salt mining industry as well as holocaust coincidently happened in the same period.