Christopher Worsfold

For the later hall of the 20th century Leicester in minority terms has been a “Hindu city” whilst between 2001 and 2011 the Muslim population doubled and now form the largest minority. In combination with the fact Leicester will soon become the first city in Europe with a white minority population and rising global tensions; interfaith dialogue is a pressing issue.

This project brings Leicester Council of Faiths, an existing inter-faith, ecumenical organisation and the most established of its kind within the UK to the forefront of public life. In the context of devolved city structure, we see Leicester play a national role in inter-faith dialogue whilst augmenting its already important local contributions.

Taking the site of the former country council buildings are is conceived as an arrival space at the end of the city`s pedestrianised ‘New Walk’. The ‘family’ of buildings are carefully positioned to provide the city with a significant new public space that provide an informal space of debate and festival.