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Zhongliang (Abraham) Huang

Dungeness - a shingle headland on the coast of Kent - is an ecologically rich site with two nuclear plants. Their presence has partly caused the decline of the local fishing village since it was first established in the 1960s, but are now facing a century-long decommission. After which, the disturbed site will be restored under the local authority’s care and maintenance.


With more than six hundred botanical species, Dungeness attracts birds and other wildlife to inhabit, becoming an important stop for birds’ migration between the continent and UK.



To support this journey, the project seeks to establish a bird sanctuary with several gardens for the local wildlife. Simultaneously retraining the staff facing unemployment as gardeners, bird conservationists and tour guides.



Low-rise garden walls made of local materials - including shingle, soil and sand -  establish fun boundaries within the site. A sacrificial steel roof will corrode and fall slowly, aiming to record the 100 years decommission process.


Birds, vegetation and flowers will gather to finally overcome the ecological decline caused by human and nuclear power.

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