Alexander Venditti

The Point cinema multiplex, an iconic building located in the heart of Central Milton Keynes, has been slated for demolition. Rather than accepting a tabula rasa restart, an alternate future inspired by the building’s cinematic history is proposed where the site is transformed into an open-air film set.  

Through temporary, light, and modular structures and materials, and a selective retention of existing elements, the project provides only the framework atop which sets are built and torn down. The oscillating states of demolition and reconstruction strip back the veil of cinema presented to the public, showing the ugly side of it all: the unseen, personified by the mix of unfinished and permanent materials and structures. From pre-production, to active filming, to post-production, the public is immersed in the world of cinema-making, though never shown the polished final product.  

The project addresses the question of how architecture can be decommissioned. In aiming to act in both a state of ruin and usability, the building stays true to itself in function and in symbolism, aiming to fill the gap of cultural identity in Milton Keynes via a former city symbol.