Joanne Chen

The project raises a critique on the contemporary view of work as compensatory toil rather than self-fulfilment and pleasure. It begins with a dream of William Morris`s vision of the integration of education and industry under socialism. Inspired by Morris’s idealism and theories, the project manifests a typology of work and workspace that blurs the boundaries between work and leisure; workspace and living space. 

The proposal is a factory amidst beautiful gardens on the riverbank of River Thames, Hammersmith, London, within a short stroll to the William Morris Society. The factory departs from operations of conformity as in IKEA, manufacturing bespoke home furnishings and decorative arts. It attempts to reengage with craftsmanship to work , workspace and pleasure of work. In addition, the relationship between consumers and producers is re-established. Not an aspect of the buildings is predictable, as a unified entity is harmoniously devised to maximize visual and corporeal comfort. 

The building adopts an interwoven spatial language, interspersing production spaces with gardens and waterscapes to create a multi-orientational experience while preserving the building’s sense of transparency.

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