Jonathan Paley

Tech city to tech nation. A new retail model on the site of Lee Circle is proposed which is a synthesis of the city centre marketplace, with its independent traders, and the automated mechanics of the out-of-town distribution centre. The linearity of the process of fulfilling orders for e-commerce and the continuous landscape of the helical parking decks of Lee Circle combine to transform the multi-storey car park into a vertical warehouse.

Lee Circle, built in 1961 was constructed in the twilight of Leicester`s economic boom and formed part of a major new urban plan to modernise Leister city centre. It was the first car park of its kind to be automated in Europe, housed the largest supermarket in the UK at the time an was the chosen structure to host the first Tesco outside of London. In August 2014 Lee Circle car park was placed on Leicester City Councils heritage conservation list.

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