Justine Dorion


They are coming to Leicester!
The race to become the next “UK Metro” has begun, each city re-branding itself to complete on the global market.
They are calling it devolution.
NEVER MIND DEVOLUTION, let us have secession; from a state functioning as guard dog of property rights; from an urban fabric tailored for consumption; from an asphyxiating tangle of rules and regulations marginalising the poor.

We call on all citizens to participate in an action to reclam their right to a wild exitence. Bring hammers, saws, nails and all the wood you can find. Our building has no name or fuction, no destined user and no business plan.

It will be a place for unsolicited activity, unmediated experience, sublime violence, pointless roaming. There will be no need for architects, planners or regulations; no space for profits, property or authority.
The Leicester Commune is here to stay. This is only the beginning.

©2019 by UNIT 17, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL