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Vilius Petraitis

Milton Keynes is a discursive construct, a modern city with a designed lifestyle, where dilapidating estates and their streets are organised demographically. The Between Estate establishes a shared playfield which lays the groundwork for a temporary co-housing scheme, weaving communities together while their homes undergo vital repairs.  

Locally sourced Totternhoe Clunch stone assembles a Playfield which acts as a magnet for interaction whilst physically supporting the living Loom Rows. Inspired by air/heat/light experiments, the Between estate momentarily celebrates lived experiences of the inhabitants through framing everyday activities and projecting them onto the wrapped surfaces. During the Estate’s lifetime, the translucent Loom Rows transform into a panorama of vague silhouettes - a theatre of everyday life.  

With doubt and delight as design parameters, the project looks at creating an architecture where the building is not an end in itself. Instead, the constructions encourage the continual necessity for change. 

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