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Negar Taatizadeh

The project anchors itself in three thematic subjects of Rebuilding, Reconnecting and Revealing. It proposes a systematic approach of rebuilding that as well as engaging with the architecture, it aims to reconnect the community across generation and reveal the clay material of its context. Situated in Milton Keynes, Netherfield state, the project aims to rebuild the houses of Hide way road into a series of intergenerational housing. Through reconfiguration of external social spaces, and the rearrangement of internal spatial hierarchy, the project advocates for a more caring living environment across generation. 


Architecturally, the twinned houses function around three double faced inhabitable spines. Acting as the bare skeleton of the building, the spines also provide a more flexible living space that could work with multiple ways of occupation. In parallel, the project is fascinated with the liminality of materials and their social, and environmental impact on the housing and people. The use of 3D print clay as a material for construction of the building’s second skin, encourages a move away from homogenous housing schemes. The co-existence of the architecture and the infrastructure, becomes a constant reminder of architecture’s cyclic metamorphosis. Celebrating impermanence, an architecture in transient mode is formed, that promotes connection, reciprocity, and care above all. 


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