Lok-Kan Chau


Mountain, religion individualization, loneliness, cow, rice field, pond, sunset, migrant bird, worm, suffering sacrifice, labour, cosmos, autumn, wine, cultural norm, preconception, knowledge, cotton, tree, climate change, land supply, planning justice cypress, firefly, library, mushroom, gravity, yield, identity, nest, bitter melon, sweet potato, stream, storm, ruin, death, funeral. In short a song of the Earth.

Sited at the periphery of the urban, right in front of the legally protected but currently threatened landscape reserve under Sunset peak on Lantau Island in Hong Kong, the proposed low-carbon self-sustaining community is more than a commune: it promotes an alternative possibility of in being with nature by translating Erh Li’s (600 – 53 BC). Transcendental Taoism into architecture. There they farm, they organize workshops, they house a library, they provide food and accommodation for long distance hikers.

The impermanence of rammed earth walks, bamboo scaffoldings and thatching roofs requires repairing and reconstruction, providing opportunities for community participation and self-identity building. It’s an educational institution a knowledge incubator, a belief carrier, a horizontal building in a vertical city.

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