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David Lubwama

Addressing issues of cultural, historical and ecological sustainability, The Wedding House is an adaptive host space that seeks to explore applications of sustainable material by using waste plastic and earth/clay together with other agents for temporally stable structures in Milton Keynes’ Tree Cathedral. 

The project also seeks to raise significantly the profile of the Tree Cathedral site which serves as pedagogical tool that reveals narratives of place, in this instance the MK’s Bletchley landfill site where plastic waste and clay will be sourced and Elfield nature park for its timber structure 

Just as the heritage of building techniques and rituals are prioritized in the Ise Jingu Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture, Japan; the proposal’s structure is disassembled and replicated with the same materials over time, concerned more with creating tradition for this space rather than phyiscal continuity. The value of ritual will be used as materials to re-engage the general public with an adaptive host space and in turn dictate the design of these spaces. 

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