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Ella Thorns

Consequential cognition designs and interrogates a new food-based masterplan in Milton Keynes. Criticising the dissonance within our current food system, the project deconstructs the supermarket to reimagine it as a food trail throughout the neighbourhood. Food procurement and eating become an act of conviviality and pleasure engrained within the community. 

A public kitchen is central to the functioning of shared food responsibilities, using self-organisation and economies of scale for more sustainable consumption. Research into our cognitive hierarchy and everyday habits is used to design for social acceptance. A series of meals and experiments explore how architecture and urban design can mediate human behaviours, using instruments and changing surfaces to break etiquette for alternate social practices to emerge.  

Textures, smells, and memories are embedded into the built experience. Waste is felt immediately as beautiful occurrences, rather than being taken off-site. The architecture processes this around the users, its dual condition forming consequential awareness. 

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