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Nikolina Georgieva

“Of Fells and Thwaites” develops a deep understanding of the anthropogenic landscape, interrogating the human and ecological practices which continuously shape its appearance, identity and appropriations. Located within the glacial, volcanic terrain of the Lake District, the architecture distils qualities of the climatological, geological, worked taskscape and mentally navigated mind landscape of the region.  

A proposed Centre for Wellness offers a restorative landscape experience to the local population of Keswick, visiting fell walkers, frontline key workers and NHS staff. Transient occupation of the buildings follows the fluid shifts in the climatic seasonal cycle. Each space is embedded within a distinct location on the journey along Derwentwater Lake, mediating the geo-physical and atmospheric thresholds between valley and mountain. Every space is designed to channel a specific climatic occurrence in pursuit of a synergy between ecology and being, with the scheme including a lake facing Floating Hall, a Sunken Archive of the fells, a Humid Room that collects precipitation data, and Dawn and Dusk Rooms.  

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