Oscar Plastow


Our imaginations may be awed when we look at the mountain as monuments of the working of stupendous forces of nature through countless millenniums.
Leslie Stepehn 1871 The interplay between the Tatra Mountain Range and the Dunajec River forms a dramatic but natural border between northern Slovakia and southern Poland.

At the foothills of the Pieniny Mountains division, exits the sleepy village of Sromowce Niz ne – the place that time forgot. Nowhere is its character more epitomised than in the presence of the Trzy Korony Mountain Hut; despite its rich association with the events of World War 2, the hut itself has entered an era of stagnation.

Demoted to use as an unremarkable guest house, the building exits within the dichotomy of being too historically significant to flatten, but not enticing enough to restore. Previously constructed examples have demonstrated that the bold sculptural articulation of structural elements and the monumental scaling synonymous with Brutalism, can lend itself well to the challenge of building within an overbearing mountainous context.