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Pravin Richard Abraham

Responding to the issue of homelessness is not solely a matter of safety and shelter. From personal experience, reintegrating the marginalised into society requires an emphasis on social engagement and re-training. It should aim to create a mutually beneficial dialogue between the homeless community and the general public, forging connections between office workers, shop owners, residents and those less fortunate. 

“Revitalisation of Wisma Damansara” seeks to do build upon the work of the NGO ‘Street Feeders of Kuala Lumpur’ to help the city’s homeless community. Sited within an affluent neighbourhood of central Kuala Lumpur, the project repurposes the existing concrete structure of a 1970s office block. In doing so it creates a series of transient shelters and spaces for teaching, providing a sustainable route out of homelessness for its inhabitants. 

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