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Ella Thorns

A transitory space between early learning institutions and the forest. To cultivate growth of the mind and that with the trees, responding around existing ecological and human cycles in symbiosis with each other. Maturing these tensions amidst the journey through the building. 


As time extends, the structure becomes more populated; both with students and the trees. Together growing and expanding in population. One a result of human behaviours and the other an encouraged natural process to form organic niches that foster comprehension and protect the tree's position within the ever-increasing technosphere. 


From there, the building’s function becomes a scaffold: augmenting the trees’ growth and enabling inhabitation between the branches. Using a secondary wire structure that hangs on to the built timber scheme – passing around one and other much like the ivy around the present trees. These cables become the future network of branches grown from where the scheme graces the ground plane. 


From scoring the growth of the trees to the generations passing through the school, a choreography ensues that follows the harmonies of the forest in correspondence with learning. Metamorphosing the materials to remain within a closed loop, as further phases are grown in-situ and to-shape. 

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