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Ceren Erten

Waste + Value 

The project proposes a new residential expansion strategy for Milton Keynes to respond to the growing need for housing in the city while envisioning a stronger relationship with the  

existing nature. 


Theoretically, the project departs from a critique of the gendered views on domesticity in architectural theory, and explores the narrative of the building from the perspectives of three generations of women, attempting to capture the life of the building through these three women colliding in a single temporal entity. 


Materially, the project explores the cultural shift that occurred in the history of plastic that  resulted in a disparity between the material’s extremely long physical lifetime and its very limited lifetime in use. 


Departing from the sociological tendency of pushing trash or dirt out to the margins of the room, the house, the community, and even the country, the project Waste + Value explores the condition of the edge, and how the ‘trash’ that has already been discarded can extend once again from the margins of the home towards the interior to create the primary living spaces, challenging our understanding of what is no longer useful or wanted. 

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