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Daeyong Bae

The project focuses on how traces are left on built environments, and how these traces are

commemorated everyday by the people who live in such environments. Situated in Avebury, where neolithic monuments stand, the proposal seeks to leave a similar version of the Avebury circle.


The project began with a personal interest about the boundary between life and death; recognising how the Avebury circle remains on its site to commemorate the death of the neolithic people. Expanding upon this interest within the neighbouring site of Rawlins Park - a park home village situated on the outskirts of Avebury – the proposed architecture seeks to redevelop the park home in more social way of living.



Through building temporary accommodations for the students and researchers, it will create an additional social interaction between different generations. Coupled with the re-designing of housing to maximise interactions between the residents to tackle the loneliness.


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The project simultaneously focuses on how the building materials are left on site and used in a more sustainable way. Learning from how the Avebury Circle was built with Sarsen stones, the proposal mirrors the use of stones, remaining on site to the present day. The stone landscape will stay while another generation of architecture comes afterwards. Reflecting the continuum of the layers of generations of architecture and built environments - emphasising the importance of doing the right choices.

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