Shirley Tsang

For my final project, I have chosen a site with significant archeological importance in Ireland. Clonmacnoise, located in the cetre of Ireland, has the most well-preserved ecclesiastical comm- plex in the country. 

The site used to be a scriptorium for monks, where they wrote Annals of Clonmacnoise recording the history of battels and the supernatural events that the citizens experienced. the roman catholic church of Ireland owns the complex. There were several incidents, such as the Magdalene Laundries and the Troubles that happened within the church in 18th-21st century. There tragedies represented the hidden dark history of the church and showed evidence of human rights violation in Ireland. 

Clonmacnoise is situated in the deteriorating boglands of central Ireland, where it become a major crosswords of the River Shannon (flowing noth-south) and the gravel ridges of the glacial eskers (running east-weat). Seamus Heaney`s poem “Boglands” describes the bogs as black butter; they are bottomless and hold subconscious memory. He suggested that the bog is a metaphor for the unconscious mind, storing and making hidden things.

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