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Thomas Dobbins

Time in Elmet is a temporal study, undertaken across three scales of understanding: human, material and industrial. In a series of explorations, the point of interaction between each timescape is interrogated through the lens of architecture.  

The project is sited in modern day West Yorkshire, in the remains of the last Celtic Kingdom of mainland Britain - Elmet. Using three local artists - Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Ted Hughes - a contextual design methodology is created, engaging with artistic practices of the past and scoring a poetic performance through the landscape. 

The architecture itself introduces a new civic infrastructure and writer’s retreat into the small literary village of Heptonstall. Using subtle acts of mending, cleaning, and disrupting to create a series of prompts across a medieval churchyard, it aims to reveal the temporality of our built world through a collaging of moments and material juxtapositions. 

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