Vasilia Marcou Ilchuk

The project explores ‘lived spaces’ as described in the recorded memories of the former inhabitants of Famagusta who were displaced from their hometown since the political conflicts of 1974. 

Collective and individual memories are translated into spaces to be inhabited by both Turkish and Greek speaking Cypriots. The spaces aim to enhance their relationship with nature, their land, and the daily and annual cycles of the seasons. ‘Chrono –spaces’ explores how an unprogrammed and anticipatory architecture within this ‘ghost’ city may become the new environment for future social and political events with its bedrock and fundamental principles based around a solution to the reunification of the island. 

The design is carved into the limestone bedroc, the architecture evolves through the study of temporal and structural formations of tree rings (dendrochronology), seeking to find analogous manifestations within the vernacular arrangements of settlements.