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Negar Taatizadeh

The Fyfield School of Land is a project that is the outcome of a year of collaboration between Kaye Song and Negar Taatizadeh. 

It comprises of three terms of work, first finding each other as new collaborators, designing a system of collaboration, and culminating in a proposal for a system of redeveloping farmland in England as a sustainable, equitable, and pedagogical landscape.  

By looking to a history of digging, the project advocates for a re-engagement with our land and uses a piece of existing farmland in Wiltshire with a 6,000-year history of cultivation as a test site for building a campus for hands-on learning. Buildings are proposed that can support this, utilizing a method of construction that harvests and processes material directly quarried or grown on-site. They promote a low-energy and sustainable architecture that exists in harmony with its environment, connected to and part of a changing landscape that it helps to shape. Here, digging is advocated as a right only if undertaken mindfully with consideration of surrounding impacts. 

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