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Iman Nur-Hanisa Mohd Hadzhalie

Northdown Road is an exceptional case of Conservation Area designation, being an area of significant national poverty and substantial occupation by migrant business owners. On its doorstep, a refugee and conservation centre for Cliftonville encourages further integration of refugees in Margate both practically and socially, aiding in seeking refugee status and teaching the skills of conservation of Northdown Road’s historic shopfronts beside Margate locals.

Through the adaptive reuse of Pettman’s Depository, the centre expands the work of current occupiers Resort Studios’ engagement with the community and the arts, providing workshops and studios for Margate emerging artists. A sensitive approach to the existing fabric preserves the exterior red brick facade and structure which are paired with proposed corten steel interventions and mezzanines. A new public realm extends the proposal to Northdown Road, which provides an elevated walkway and open air cinema to celebrate local films. Views towards the high street and to the sea are framed, which give a sense of place and nostalgia to the landscape by which refugees have crossed to their new home and community.


One of every four breaths taken, is owed to the oxygen produced by oceans. The suit seeks to capture the exchange of breath between a body of water and us. Operated by the movement of the chest when breathing, the suit is reactive to salt and oxygen, capturing these fleeting moments, otherwise invisible.


Looking out to sea, a viewing tower creates a space for meditation and contemplation in a manner that alludes to Margate’s historic sea bathing practices.

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