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Jackie Hoyin Cheung

The project challenges the role of nature in the urban context of Margate. It defines the relationship between urban and landscape, using seaweed as materials from nature, and integrates it into the programs and also the architectural tectonics to create dynamic interactions between the coast, the building and our sensory experience within it. Ultimately, the design aims to generate a rhythm that is coherent with the entire landscape around the site and bring in scoring as a way of design to bring the experience of nature into the architecture.


A spine carrying seaweed from the coast to the site intersects the factory, accommodation and hospital. Rhythms weave architectural programs, materials and sensory experiences. The therapy centre is hybridized within the factory, to allow saunas and bathing pods to be integrated within it.


At the heart of a scheme is a seaweed factory which provides a new industry for Margate. This seaweed typology combines programmatic processes of the factory with a natural therapy centre to reinvigorate the existing hospital.

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