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Naysan Foroudi

Positioned at the intersection of four competing worlds, the project negotiates the often complex, juxtaposed realities of the Salisbury Plains, Wiltshire. Home to both treasured historical sites and the UK’s largest military training zone, the plains negotiates the multiple interests of a diverse set of occupants with seemingly contradictory approaches to land use. 

“The Quad” focuses on a single field: a small patch of land that is owned by the military and rented out to local farmers for the growing of cereal crops, with a dissecting public right of way that stretches from the village of Durrington to the barrack of Larkhill. It borders the Stonehenge World Heritage site and sits within the prehistoric monument site of Durrington Walls; an ancient settlement holding significance to both archeological communities and contemporary druids. 


Through the design of a new civic complex within the clear confines of a square, the potential for a mode of coexistence is explored. The project critiques the homogonising, hierarchical practices of integration found in the region today, instead embracing an approach that allows for landscape’s diverse multiplicity. 

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