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Philip Springall

The project investigates the role that architecture and the built environment can play in improving the lives of those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Situated at the Citadel in the centre of Carlisle, the foundation operates as the nucleus of Alzheimer’s care and research throughout the border regions. The foundation is designed through creative activities of making, constructing, performing, eating, cooking, wandering, conversing and socialising. The foundation engages with the local community by providing shared use of its facilities.


Through the social environment created at the foundation, individuals with Alzheimer’s are treated as fully integrated members of society. At the core of the foundation is a dedicated research centre which manages the foundation’s network and conducts research through the creative partnerships. Through the foundation, Carlisle will aim to become the most dementia friendly city in Europe, with interventions at various scales across the city.


Panoramic drawing installation which speculates how an individual with Alzheimer’s might experience the tarn through an immersive environment. The piece aims to communicate to neurotypical people what it might be like to experience the world with Alzheimer’s disease.


This drawing unfolds through time, up the page, travelling through early, mid and to late-stage Alzheimer’s experience of the world. Each space is drawn through the activities which inhabit them. As spatial comprehension deteriorates, the enacted activity weaves together experience of the world around.


Still from final model installation which combines all the physical models into an environment illuminated with drawing projections..


This installation combines 1:50 scale drawings and models to explore how individuals with Alzheimer’s experience the foundation, though the activities enacted in each space, across time and progression of the disease. The intimate spaces and surrounding landscape are embedded with memories and charged with expression.

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