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Pravin Richard Abraham

The project is located in an abandoned Lime Quarry behind the village of Peene, Folkestone in Kent. Drawing upon the rich history to do with Kent and quarrying, the idea of excavating the site and working with the remnants of the quarried landscape was pursued.

Taking heed of Folkestone’s current economic plans and ambitions, to utilise Music as an integral driver for their local economy, the proposition of excavating an amphitheatre into the landscape was conceived.

The project looks deeply at quarrying of chalk as both an extractive and spatial process. Whereby, design work and experimentation was carried out to create a scheme that utilised the chalk landscape both as a natural resource, and as a malleable landscape.

Module 2.jpg

The design was driven by a material investigation of chalk, especially research into how chalk can be carved and excavated to form spaces.

Module 3.jpg

The plan drawing conveys the scheme as a whole, as well as the concept of the project to strategically cut away spaces from the site to situate the buildings surrounding the excavated amphitheatre.

Module 5.jpg
Module 4.jpg
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