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Ross Burns

The project celebrates the multidisciplinary techniques of the prolific architect, composer and polymath Iannis Xenakis.

Inspired by his scoring methods and investigations into sound and experience through drawing, the proposal for a research, education and performance facility in the tranquil setting of Domain La Tourette, France, is a result of the role of music in it’s design process.

These methods are applied in the structural design of the architecture, but also in the proposal of a system of adaptable acoustics, which is comprised of rotatable reflective curved panels to craft the sonic environment of the spaces.




This drawing investigates the proportions of rhythmic architectural motifs in Abbaye du Thoronet (1230AD) and extracts musical frequencies from the measurements.


The musical extracts are played on the organ and mapped through drawing in a logarithmic pitch/time arrangement. Music becomes a tool for reinterpreting proportional harmony to score new architecture.

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